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Item of the week: Kala Travel Tenor Ukelele (comes with a free gig bag!)


When it comes to the ukelele, no one can deny how amazing these bad boys are. Not only are ukeleles fun to play with, they are light weight, easy to carry, produce beautiful joyful melodies, easy to learn, and are just straight up an instrument that creates good times with friends and family. This weeks item of the week is the Kala travel tenor ukelele, bringing the word portable to a whole different level when it comes to ukeleles. The Kala travel tenor has an ultra thin body built where they have reduced the depth of the ukelele’s body, allowing you to stuff it in your backpack, suitcase, briefcase, or  just to carry it in your hands! The ukelele features an arch back thin body depth, with a solid spruce top that creates a nice beautiful bright sound. Accompanying that is the mahogany back, neck and sides that add a warmth tone for a complete dynamic instrument. So whether you are planning on leaving for vacation to Hawaii or going on a road trip with your family to California, or even sitting in your office staring out into the sky, the Kala travel tenor is the perfect instrument for you! At a great low price and a free gig bag to go along with it, there’s not reason not to purchase it! Stop on by the store for the next 2 weeks and check it out for yourself!

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Item of the week: Djembe Drum

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Looking for an instrument that makes a statement? One that you would not mind having as a display when not in use? How perfect. This weeks item of the week is an original African-style rope-tuned wood Djembe, carved from one solid piece of mahogany wood! This high-quality instrument is crafted with great detail, ensuring that it provides an outstanding and voluminous sound. The rope tuning system guarantees an ideal and long-lasting tuning of the instrument so you never have to worry about sounding flat.

The Djembe drum is a traditional African musical instrument where the base is made of sturdy carved wood, topped with a hide surface. Not only do the drums sound good, they are very versatile  Whether you are in the mood for some reggae, cultural music, or contemporary, the Djembe drum does the job beautifully. Don’t wait any longer. Come on in the store and tap away!

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May Tax Revolution!!!

0_notaxLooking to buy a new guitar for yourself or as a gift for someone else? Don’t wait any longer! May Tax Revolution is here! We at Yenney Music want to show our appreciation to all of our loyal customers and the fact that we get a chance to interact with all of you on campus. For one week in May from the 20th till the 24th, Yenney Music will be paying for your tax on any guitar purchase! Thats right. Any purchase of a guitar between those dates will be tax free on your part. How great is that? Come join us as we celebrate our customer appreciation week with the tax revolution!

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Item of the week: Regal Round Neck Resonator Acoustic Guitar


Now we’ve all seen the traditional acoustic guitars out there; brown, six strings, nothing quite special at all. This weeks item of the week is a Round Neck Resonator Guitar from Regal’s studio line! With upgrades made to the inside and outside of the guitar, the Regal is perfect in meeting the demands of professional and student players alike. The guitar carries a vintage look, much like the guitars made in the 1930’s in good old California, only now the inside has been redesigned to include the exclusive Power Reflex sound chamber for increased volume and surpassed tone. Made with a Spruce top and Mahogany back, side and neck, you get the traditional feel of a guitar along with something new where all the hardware is chrome plated! Yes, it sounds weird and crazy but trust on when we say you will love this affordable guitar. Stop on by the store and test it out!

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Item of the week: Alvarez Folk Size Solid Top

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Summer is almost here and not a minute too soon! Fitting perfectly with the sunshine is this weeks item of the week; an Alvarez folk size solid top acoustic guitar with a Sunburst finish! This new Artist ’60 Series is one of the best guitars made by Alvarez at a low affordable price. The guitar has a nice folk shape to it, packing a big sound for the size of the instrument. Suitable for all types of music and playing styles, the guitar is perfect for any beginner or advanced player. With a plus, it shines brightly for blues and folk pickers if that’s your thing. Hand selected with A grade spruce, made with the best mahogany and rosewood, the Alvarez solid top is an excellent buy! Stop on by the store and check it out for yourself!

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Item of the week: Canvas Modern 20 Bass Guitar


Looking at this beautiful ash body Bass from Canvas, featuring a maple neck mounted on with 4 bolt neck plate, rosewood fretboard, and 2 double J pickups, who wouldn’t want to start playing the bass? The Canvas Modern 20 bass is perfectly designed for the player that wants more power directly from the bass and more high frequency output for popping and slapping. Not only does the ash body look great, it brightens up the 2 medium output passive pickups. With a deep cutaway, the bass allows easy access to the high end of the fingerboard, allowing ease of play for the beginner as well! Resembling a vintage bass with a bolted neck, this high quality bass not only performs well, it looks awesome. What more could you ask for? Stop on by the store and check it out! The item will be featured for 2 weeks so don’t miss out!

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Item of the week: Roland CUBE 15XL


Whether you are out playing a show or at home jamming like a rock star, the Roland CUBE-15 XL guitar amp is the perfect high performance speaker for you! Small, portable, and light weight, this 8″ speaker contains 15 watts of power and provides not only two channels, Clean and Lead, but also comes with three BOSS distortion circuits to choose from, including the legendary Metal Zone and the new Extreme. The amp also allows users to connect their music players and jam along to their favorite tunes through the aux output. Along with the recording option and power squeeze mode for full-volume sound at lower levels, this amp is one not to pass out on! Stop on by the store, plug in a guitar, bass, ukelele, banjo, you name it and try it out for yourself!


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